958labs - a company that never was (yet)

958labs - a company that never was (yet)

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When I got back from US in Fall 2013, the plan was to bootstrap a little product development shop with my friend Nicco. We called it 958labs, because we used to be roommates at 958 Hayes St in San Francisco.

While we were working on our first release, I also designed this teasing page for the company. This is also where I started making switch to an extremely minimal design direction.

However, before we were ready to release something, we got an offer we couldn't refuse from a legendary danish entrepreneur Morten Lund, so we put 958labs and our first product on hold, to be able to help with a couple of his new products.

This is a long story short, so I was just thinking I could show you the site since it's just sitting on my hard-drive :)

Check the attachment for full pixels. Peace!

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