Crafting the Carousel Story (process)

Crafting the Carousel Story

For the last half year, Ryan and I have been responsible for crafting a compelling and relatable brand story that captures the candid and playful nature of Carousel, an app that we just announced today for your photos and videos.

We went through many rounds of explorations in many, many different creative directions and ultimately developed a mark, brand, visual language, and story that I’m really proud of. Check out the marketing site here, which we also designed and illustrated (have fun with those interactions! ;D).

The entire process was a true team collaboration. Some of these I drew and Ryan colored; some he drew and I colored. Can I just express here how mind-blowingly amazing it is to pair-design with someone as badass as @Ryan Putnam?

I documented the entire process pretty thoroughly, from our initial explorations in November on the mark to the story that debuted today. Hope you enjoy. :)

Posted on Apr 9, 2014
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