Diabetamatic -- Insulin Calculator Webapp

This was sort of a personal hackathon.

I'm a type 1 Diabetic and need to do some quick calculations to figure out how much insulin I'm supposed to take. Every time I wrote some numbers down I thought that this is exactly the type of thing I wanted from an app, and a quick search of diabetic management apps looked too bloated to me, so I thought I could use this experience to test out my own skills.

I first just had a white page with input fields to make sure I got the math done (I'm mainly a designer, so simple JS math is a daunting task for me). Then I realized I needed to make it pretty! This represents about 4-5 nights of work, I don't really have an amount of hours logged but it was relatively short for being done after work.

I would host the web app online but it's not super friendly to users outside of me, and would still need some of the roughness softened for the public. Maybe in the near future!

Posted on Apr 9, 2014

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