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Hey, dear friends 🤩

We are the Gen Z generation, and we must keep everything in a smartphone. How many different programs do we have? Just for keeping financial records, I have 4 different APPs. How about keeping everything in one place?

As I’ve said many times, modern banking apps aren’t inspiring at all. And financial accounting turns from a pleasant routine into a scrupulous input of information into various applications. And tracking discounts is a particular headache - these applications are even less optimized for users than banking. It only saves a set of programs for the budget, a banking application, a shopping list, a list of discounts in your region, and divisible by what is relevant to you. Thus, we spend a lot of time on those tasks that can be combined in one application.

Since I make each application exclusively for solving my own problems and my loved ones (we are just ordinary people like you, and this can only hurt you), this application is no exception. Ghoul - Optimize Time and Financial Awareness

I set myself the task of implementing 3 main features in this application:
1. Track all your spending and savings (for savings, a special improved rate is the dream of any modern person)
2. Selecting categories for cashback and notifications with discounts for the selected types (including miles, we will start traveling again soon anyway)
3. Super user-friendly and straightforward app for managing finances and making a list of expenses, which simplifies the planning process
I dream when one of you bring this application into life. Please don’t make me wait forever ;)

How do you like my new concept?

Design — Figma
Animation — AE

💌 I am open to new projects!

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