Watercolor Illustrations for BlueIO

Hey guys!

I'm happy to show you some of the illustrations I made for the BlueIO website we've been working on here at Zajno.

BlueIO is a company that invests in proactive global projects that are solving the world’s most pressing problems through deep technical innovation and a purposeful, long-term approach. My task was to visualize the company and the nature of their projects through illustration.

First of all, we studied BlueIO and their projects and extracted the essence of the brand’s nature - which BlueIO words as “tranquility and calculated ethos” - and built our design around it. We picked the blue color to represent the Earth and BlueIO’s mission to secure the future of our planet.

The illustrations reflect various themes of BlueIO’s projects, all focused on sustaining the world. They are styled on Asian brush artistry as if painted with blue watercolors.

Share your thoughts guys! 😄

P.S. At the moment, the website is nominated on AWWWARDS, FWA & CSS! You can check it out and vote here

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