Weekly Product Design Exercise #33

Workspaces of any kind (office, co-working, coffee shop, home) produce noise, which can affect human performance, creativity levels, and even health

Build an app to measure, track and analyze noise levels.


My approach:
As stated in the design exercise, noise can affect human performance, creativity levels, and even health. This is also a subject that interests me as I encounter daily issues with external noise that it's out of my control.

Knowing what is the exact level of the noise you are experiencing can give you a better image of the environment you are in and it allows you to take better action.

The mobile app should allow users to:
- Measure current noise levels and compare them against standard reference / As a user I want to know if the noise level is too high so that I can take measures against it.
- Track measurements / As a user, I want to have a history of the measurements I did so I can use them as a reference.

As part of my research, I have discovered that most of the apps available on the market look and feel outdated and with lots of usability problems so I took a minimalist approach, focused on the task at hand, and inspired by the physical product.

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