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Hey, everyone! We are here with the new shot — QuizBee app! It’s a game designed to bring the team close together. 🎉

👥 For this game teams of several people are recruited. Questions randomly appear and Each team takes turns answering them. The winners receive virtual gifts or tips that can help in the next rounds.

🦸🏼‍♂️On the shot you can see the user’s personal account in the game. Instead of a photo we use avatars with game characters. You can see your rating in the game and how many rounds each team won. The received rewards are also shown in the inventory.

💭 The game has many brightly colored elements. Such as avatars with characters, virtual awards, a scale showing the rating. In order not to visually overload the interface, white is used as the main color.

😀 This app is the ability of colleagues to communicate with each other in an informal setting, which has a positive effect on cohesion.

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Created by Anastasia Miklashevich

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