Dungeons - Digital

I remember when I was developing this print, that the stipple effect was a huge focus that I wanted to make sure was evident. Dungeons, located in Hout Bay, is a treacherous and exciting location to surf with many a tale of tragedy and triumph. Those aren't waves to take lightly, and this print was aimed at capturing that.

Using a combination of an eye with the iconic rock-face standing proud within it, surrounded by our national flower, the Protea, I stabbed this composition with a surfboard and created a graphic that stands tall and hard for the wearer.

This was definitely one of my favourite prints to see launched within the Winter 2020 Destinations range, and one I always look forward to wearing myself. If you find one in a local Rip Curl store, know that you've found something rare because not many were made and those that were exist only in one colour. Cheers to the surfers who conquer those waves, and to those that wear this tee.

Zachary Styles
Lettering Artist, Designer, Illustrator & Teacher

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