The complete retro video editors pack

What makes this pack so complete?

The Complete Retro Video Editor’s Pack was born from the need for an affordable yet premium and complete offering that can be used to enhance video editor’s projects.

This product is a game changer, you no longer need to purchase expensive subscriptions or endless asset packs. Included in this pack is everything you need to effectively finesse your videos and speed up your work flow.

By using the elements in this pack I saved myself potential hours of time spent manually recreating these complex effects. This allowed me to lessen my busy work load and take on more clients, ultimately maximising my earnings. Now is your chance to do the same.

150+ CRT Visuals
This pack was created using tens of thousands of dollars of analogue synths to produce authentic and unique glitch style assets. The entire pack has also been ran through a number of high end CRT monitors, primarily a medical grade Sony PMV-14, considered by many to be the ultimate monitor for creating CRT visuals, boasting vivid, defined pixels.

The pack is compiled from genuine VCR glitches and overlays, experimental visuals, synth glitches, animations, viewfinders and transitions. Initially I planned to release each group of visuals as separate packs, but decided to combine them all to create one complete retro editors pack!

Perfected for your projects!
Each visual has been fine tuned and colour corrected to provide you with the best conceivable product. It is possible to use these assets as backgrounds, overlays, in combination and they can even be customized to suit your project colour specifications. Grab your pack today and get ready to transform your work, taking it to new levels.

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Posted on Jan 21, 2021

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