3D Characters – Andreas & Malthe

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I had an opportunity to work with a truly outstanding team – Andreas & Malthe, founders of Swipecircus, a design studio based in Hamburg, Germany. The goal of the project was to create 3D characters of Andreas and Malthe for their upcoming website and branding materials. They didn't have to say more, I immediately accepted the challenge.

We started with a bunch of photo references for the models and we discussed various design directions. As soon as the modeling phase started, I discovered that modeling a specific person and keeping their characteristic elements is way harder than I initially thought.

There was a time when I made some design proposals that made us cringe and laugh at the same time. I'm mentioning this particular story because I would like to highlight the fact, that sometimes there have to be a bunch of iterations and attempts to get things proceeding correctly. We kept the feedback culture on the highest level and because of that, we were able to successfully managed to transfer all the important appearance elements for the characters.

⚡3D characters are live on the Swipecircus website:

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