The House of the Poet

Developing spaces and in this case, abstract environments, we find ourselves with the opportunity to create a set of narrative elements, as an Art Direction exercise and the objective of representing a text.

From a fragment of the book The Poetics of Space (Gastón Bachelard, 1958), we extracted the ideas and detonating concepts, which refer to an abstract, imaginative and replete space of a narrative around the image.

The words - I imagine it frequently - are little houses with their cellar and their attic. Common sense inhabits the ground floor, always ready to "foreign trade", one on one with the neighbor, with that passer-by who is never a dreamer. Climbing the stairs in the house of the word is, from step to step, abstracted. To go down to the cellar is to dream, it is to lose oneself in the distant corridors of an uncertain etymology, it is to look for in the words indescribable treasures. Going up and down, in the words themselves, is the life of the poet. Climbing too high, descending too low are things allowed to the poet who unites the terrestrial and the aerial.

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