Everybody's going surfin' (downunder)

I've been working on a rubber hose surfin' style for a while now - it's kind of difficult to demonstrate a surfing style that makes sense - this is my first attempt. This one probably deviates from the style because the movement is quite random and not so smooth and slick looking. The movement here originates from the surfboard to which the feet are pick-whipped. The surfboard has a 'wiggle' effect attached in After Effects - I like it, It looks kind of natural, but for the next animation I want the surfer to be really cuttin' it up in a slck way - as I used to do in the day - no really LOL. If you are interested in my other work you'll notice that I like random and I am obsessed with loops. So the other challenge was the wave using some obscure plug-within Adobe AfterEffects - check out Gullu Motion on YouTube - a great Tute with some interesting techniques. Thanks, Fellahs.

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