Cymone Wilder on Creative Pep Talk

In my creative practice there’s always been this tension between having huge nearly unimaginable dreams vs being real about what options and choices I actually have within arms reach today. I don’t like tension. My brain doesn’t like to hold two things at once, but this fighting to keep these things in balance has been essential. Being real about what’s achievable today has allowed me to get started, and allowing myself to fantasize about how this daily effort could turn into the impossible down the road keeps me going.

Today on PEPisode 303 of my podcast Creative Pep Talk I chat with designer and lettering artist Cymone Wilder about how to get started making work you love, even if you don’t have the resources that your heroes do.

I kept hearing Cymone’s name pop up this year and my artist management agency has repped her on some KILLER projects for clients like HBO and WIRED Magazine - and it’s no surprise she’s blowing up - YES her work is gorgeous (she calls her lettering style “deep fried” btw) but it emanates from a deeper source - her newly found sense of self.

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