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When you are young, life consists of hot days and courageous nights. This one is not only black and white - it is a set of shades and mid-tones. But how would you still want simplicity and clarity in financial matters? Banked - has never been easier.

Fortunately, the days of queuing for a bank card are over. And every day, we use all possible applications in our smartphones to control our finances. Think back to yourself, when was the last time you were fed to do something in your online banking? Oh, I almost crash the phone. That experience inspired me to create a cool and straightforward application and banking itself from scratch, from a simple user’s point of view.

Goal 🎯
It was this project that was aimed at making life easier. We are too overloaded with different tasks every day. When such mundane things as transferring funds or payments to the account give unbearable psychological pain due to full optimization, we want to scream with anger. Oddly enough, I singled out for myself this main problem: a decrease in stress levels and a pleasant user experience.

✅ Decision
Well, the presentation of any project begins with the packaging. This landing page just packed my thoughts and goals that I put into this project: simplicity, fun, lightness, and a complete departure from the standards of the banking and financial sector. The color of plastic cards - black and white - symbolizes niches where categorization is essential - bad and good, day and night, light or darkness. But the blurred and colored dishes in the background remind you that you can do it differently.

What do you think of this symbolism?

Design — Figma
Animation — AE

💌 I am open to new projects!

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Posted on Jan 21, 2021
Taras Migulko
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