I believe I have finally decided on my 2021 website - quick... someone take the Sketch file off me 🔐

This isn't my first mock-up this year, but it's the one I've finally liked, and feel it looks like something I have done - it's an emotional rollercoaster doing your own website, some days I love it, other days I doubt my own skills and wish to retire forever and live in the woods with a minimal internet connection.

I have a lot of work I cant share (in relation to my workplace), but a lot I can share - case studies ftw, so expect this page to be populated over the coming weeks/months!

If you are doing your own portfolio site right now - shout me and I'll give you motivation "to just get it live" 👏

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day 👍

Mikey Cattell
Designer, dad, retro gamer and football fan

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