Noisli For Mac (Concept)

Noisli For Mac (Concept)

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Recently I've been using the awesome Noisli when sitting down to get work done. The app is super intuitive and easy to use, but after having closed the tab I had it playing in numerous times, I thought it would be cool to design a simple Mac app (I also thought it would be a good project to start getting into Sketch (3)).

The goal was to maintain the simplicity and ease of use of the web app while wrapping the core focus and features (playing background noises, being able to play multiple tracks at the same time, being able to adjust volume independently) into a nice, simple, native Mac app.

The plan is to keep it focused and simple, but a few features that could potentially be added include: presets, auto-play on launch, favourites/editing visible sounds. The UI takes cues from the iOS 7 aesthetic (and the toggles of course), but only because this style seemed to fit the problem at hand. As always, view the @2x for crispy.

This is just a concept, and the first version at that. I've reached out to the developer of Noisli to see if this is something he'd be interested in.

Place holder icons are from Adam Whitcroft (weather), Tim Boelaars (tree) and Hugo Freijanes (coffee).

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