Brand Identity – Humusoft

ℹ️ About the client
Humusoft is a company that is the exclusive seller for Czech and Slovak world products such as MATBLAB COMSOL and dSPACE. It offers a lot of services for products from conferences or training for its customers, through a tailor-made calculation for you to building custom computers so that programs can work on 100%

🔥 Challange
Outdated information on the web. Perception of the brand as a one piece, a unified presentation of a company that sells so many products

✅ Solution
Simplification of the web structure and rebranding the company which meets the needs of the company such as clear product differentiation and easy editing and creation of content for individual products.

✍️ My work
UX / UI Design
Brand identity

One of my biggest projects and challanges. Study hundreds of pages about technical products, understand the key features and present them in a simplified form. The total number of unique screens is 32. Drawn in response to a total of 102 screens in Figma. The website uses a system of editable components that change in various variations on the website. The visual style is based on the simulation results that the programs calculate, based on this result, colors are selected for each category.

🔥 Full project case study

My new website with 2020 design rewind!

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UX/UI Designer

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