Adobe Create Now Keynote Presentation


On Friday April 10th, I will be participating in Adobe's Create Now Event in Berlin as an Adobe Influencer!

I will be moderating the Behance Events that take place during the day and then I will be on stage sometime after 8:00PM! Adobe is streaming the events on the main stage!!!!

You will be able to view the live stream by going to

In my presentation I will be talking about Behance Communities and Portfolio Review Events! We plan amazing events in Düsseldorf for artists and creatives who live in or near NRW! In fact, our next event will be on Friday May 16th. This will take place during Behance's International Portfolio Review Week and will be an official side event of the Beyond Tellerrand Conference!

Our Facebook Group for our community is also going strong!!! Over 520 members. We are the fastest growing Behance community in Germany!

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