Hello everyone!
It's time for our new tool, which will become an important simplification of everyday work at ValueLogic and beyond. Get to know the smart solution: TrackThor.

About the project
All work and task-related information in one place

TrackThor replaces several tools and makes it easier to access data to improve workflow. It supports the work of project teams thanks to full transparency of activities and shortening the communication path The goals achieved: optimisation of working time and increase of employees' effectiveness.
Important: The user can choose which functionalities are most important for him/her. The tool can be adjusted to the priorities and the view can be personalised.

TrackThor values:
Time tracking functionality
Calendar of current meetings - with a daily view
Clear timeline showing the ongoing work in the project
Easy communication with project team members
Access to company documents

Simple & user-friendly tool
Intuitive, approachable interface - tailored to the needs of a technology company
Minimalist design - supports innovative solutions and facilitates focusing on the most important functionalities
Ready-to-develop - a tool that can be easily expanded with new features

Business value through digital products

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