Design+Code chapter one

Design+Code chapter one

Just released the first chapter for Design+Code!

As part of the book, I made available 21 design files in Sketch! I'm going to share even more resources for chapter 2 & 3. I'm also putting together a big library of photographs for design presentations that you can use.

I must say that creating my very own blogging platform to support the vision I had for this book is a crazy journey. Everything has to be custom designed: Payments, Login, Resources, Articles, etc. There are really small details such as when you scroll, the video starts playing and when you don't see it anymore, the video pauses. There are over 20 tiny videos in the first chapter!

The site almost never refreshes, and I tried to do a lot of custom transitions between the pages to give the feel of a native experience. I also went into a lot of trouble to make it fully responsive so that people can read the content from their iPhone and iPad.

I hope you'll like the book as much I enjoyed making it. Even though it's hard as hell, it's a fantastic learning experience. I can't wait to share more with you about the making of these fun projects! :)



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