Lowpoly Christmas Snowman| Ep 03 | Blender 2.90 | Beginner Tuts

Ehi my friends! everyone on the street to make a nice snowman!!! we have snow, this year it also snowed a lot. It's time to relax a little and create a little something that makes us feel like children again, obviously Lowpoly! Take your time, you have enough. Simple shapes, little tricks and lots of magic! All on my YT "Polyzen" channel! Have you signed up? What are you waiting for? 🙂 I recommend as always, criticisms and comments are welcome and why not, a little "like" will help me grow. Furthermore, as always, if you have any requests or insights, write it to me here, or in private, maybe a small commented "Tip & Trick" will come out 🙂
In case you missed it:
1st episode: Christmas tree | https://youtu.be/rwc68n22FgA |
2nd episode: Gift Packages | https://youtu.be/hsAC9nEdwsQ |
Last but not least, the usual special thanks to Andrea Cau, Festive Cover Curator, Master Toymaker and Master in Zen Art. Have a look, it's free 🙂 | https: //dribbble.com/andreacau |
A hug and please, stay healthy!

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