Netflix redesign

Netflix redesign

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I know redesigning a heavily used platform without any knowledge on user behavior is fairly useless, and this is based on my own findings of using Netflix for a couple of months now

* I haven't really redesigned the service so to say, but I gave the style a slight update here and there
* I put more focus on search in the top bar, since I find that I heavily rely on search
* Whenever I don't know what movie to watch and I just want to browser the library, I feel Netflix can improve on navigation possibilities. For this, I have included a way of lists (even your own lists), as well as filter options
* A separation between movies and TV series, since my viewing experience is quite different for the two. I'd imagine the TV series includes a list saying "Currently Watching", where you'd see all the series you've been following for a couple of episodes.
* I find that simply showing the cover of the movies doesn't really work, since some cover designs are wildly unpleasant to read. I have included titles to improve scannability of the library, as well as included the ratings to easier show how good that movie could be for you
* On hover, with a slight delay, instead of a popup that blocks other movies, an overlay directly on the movie cover itself, with a short summary, some information around release year and duration, a watch now option, as well as a dropdown that will give you the ability to add the movie to a list, hide from view and favorite it

This design is not finished! I would quite like to add:
* A link below lists to create a new list
* A way for you to hide all movies you've already seen (annoying!)
* A quick way to see which movies you've favorited
* On the far right of the page title, the amount of movies shown
* Perhaps a header on top showing promotional material like they usually do. I can imagine they'd like that

Full pixels attached :-)

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