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In our latest project, we would like to present a new system-solution product that facilitates doctors' and patients' days. During coronavirus pandemic use the services of doctors become more problematic, especially for elderly people. The solution is zapłacreceplte.pl service which makes it easy to get in touch with doctors and helps patients save time and improve the security of writing a prescription.

Simplicity is what was meant to be seen through the project. The project had to be readable by everyone, from people who were tech-savvy to completely non-computerized people, therefore the important role in the project was played by intensely communicating colors according with WCAG standards and legible elements.

We refreshed the design by giving a modernist but also a readable look. The user flow has been designed to minimize the risk of making a mistake and getting lost. The functionality has also been improved, including the possibility of filling a prescription from the main screen of a logged-in doctor, thanks to which writing the prescription is faster and more convenient.

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