Save the dates

tl;dr — We made these and got them letterpressed. I made a video of the process.

"Better late then never," they say.

A few weeks ago, we buckled down and designed these. We jumped at the opportunity to give them a handwritten feel. Jen took care of the "2"s, "1"s, "0"s and the ampersand. I took care of the brackets and the "8". Our names were set in Wasabi and Gotham finished it off.

A week later, we found a letterpresser willing to rush for us. A week after that, we strolled in to see a proof and were treated to our first in-person letterpress experience and we made sure to record it. Aardvark did a wonderful job, but Jen is the real hero of this story, as she painstakingly addressed each envelope and folded each Save-the-Date.

What's inside? Well, you'll have to watch the video (or wait for yours to come in the mail ;D). Either way, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.

They're different.
They're us.

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