05 | Grimes — Miss Anthropocene

Okay, since I began doing this countdown thingy (2016) I couldn’t had a chance to rate one of Grimes’ records (Art Angels was released in 2015), but I knew that as per usual, her last work would make the cut. And here I am, trying to describe the amazingness of Miss Anthropocene. I would say that this record is so ahead of its time, but fuck it, the time for Grimes is ALWAYS now. Her vision is in the future, but also she is defining the present. And this body of work feels like that, like you’re listening to some sci-fi shit but also you find yourself vibing and feeling so related to the music. But it also feels so different, and that is just a proof that Claire’s creativity is just beyond limits.

Fav tracks: Delete Forever, We Appreciate Power, 4ÆM, IDORU and Violence

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