Cold War ...

Cold War ...

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... I made this »lettering« just for fun – maybe I’ll use it for a t-shirt. I composed it solely with »elements« of the original »Coca Cola« logo.

The Process
a. I downloaded a high resolution raster image of the »Coca Cola« logo from Google and traced it in AI to get an accurate vector.
b. I took »Cola« and lengthened the stem of the »a« to get the »d« and widened it slightly on top.
c. I copied the »C« of »Cola«, cut the upper swash, duplicated, reflected and rotated it. Then I deleted the lower swash of the left »C« and connected both to get the »W«. I slightly tweaked the strokes.
d. The »a« of »War« I got cutting, copying and pasting.
e. The »r« I got composing the stem of the »a« with the rotated ball terminal of the »c« of »Coca« and an additional stroke.
f. To create the swash of »War«, I used the swash of the »Coca-C«, stretched and tweaked it and connected it to the »r«.

That’s it!

For bigger size please check @2x!

... since some of you like it, I share my »Cold War« vector files (.ai, .eps, .svg) in the attachment 2 (zipped). Use it however you like. The vector preview you may find in attachment 1 as .png image!
(... for perfection it needs still some tweaks!)


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