Since this is a historic hotel dating back to the early 1900's, I decided to go with more of a vintage look and feel throughout. I used older imagery that has more of a 1920's vibe and worn paper textures to resemble old photographs or postcards. This helps create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere, while also making it feel more vintage and historic.

Wedding, castles, couples and beautiful exterior imagery create an elegant, romantic feel.

The rooms have this traditional, shabby chic look and feel and I wanted my colors to have that same feel. So I kept the colors simple and sophisticated by using more pastel colors.

For the fonts, I provided options for the client to choose from. I have more traditional serif and cursive fonts and then a more modern sans-serif font. I chose fonts that I felt were more delicate, classic and feminine. I also included decorative ornaments to make add a more classic feel.

Textures I used resemble the wall paper found in the rooms at the hotel.

Overall, I wanted the moodboard to feel historic, vintage, classic and sophisticated.

Angela Van Winkle
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