Twitter Redesign - Cleaner version


I'm glad to introduce you to my new redesign of Twitter.

This is not an official design of Twitter

In this version you may have :

Cleaner interface
Bigger tweets size, bigger spaces, sort of informations, easier focus on interesting informations.

Easier user identification
Increasing spaces and pictures's size, your eyes can easily focus on tweet's owner.

Quick access
The left menu permit an quick access to several features. You can easily access to favorites, notifications. You can also, sort your feed thanks to your groups in order to read specified tweets.

Tweets save
Thanks to cloud icon, in just a click, you can export a tweet easily on external web app like pockets, kippt, ...

An animated version should be published soon which show interaction of header, new tweet, and groups.

All of your feedbacks, likes, comments and follow are always welcome.

"Press "L" to show me some love"

You can also follow me on twitter !

If your profile is in this shot, let me know if you wanna see it removed.

Posted on Mar 28, 2014

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