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Thea is a creative collective made up of people with different skills but a shared passion - working with brands that are shaking shit up.

Thea lies upon women empowerment. To create the brand visual identity, I dug into the 1960s style, a time my grand-mother thought safer for women than my own.

I spent some time adjusting the colour palette to give accessibility a fair chance.

It was important for Thea to share, loud and clear, the causes we care about: reproductive health, climate change, sustainability and social justice. So we pushed this with collage illustrations across the site.

UX design: Tamara Sredojevic

Visual design: Laura Sinisterra

Illustrations: Natalia Albin

Copy: Coni Longden-Jefferson

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Tamara Sredojevic
Freelance UX designer for people on a mission

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