Coca-Cola: Red NY


While living in New York City I worked not only as a creative, but in production. I was trained in several different areas.

I created a spec stand-alone ad campaign. I was able to put my skills as a creative and my production skills to use. I took on several roles: Art Director, Creative Director, Casting Director, Location Manager, Photographer, Wardrobe Supervisor, Editor, Copy-writer, Retoucher, Graphic Designer, etc.

On the day of the shoot I had a total of 24 talent and a 1st AD (Elsie) to assist me. Each person in the shoot represented their beverage by the colors of their clothing.

The series was then featured on several blogs and websites.

What makes me unique is that I am not scared to take on a big project and I am not scared about taking on several roles. As an artist it pays to have several skills. Because of my training I can come up with an idea for a campaign, create a strategy for production, and then follow the project through post/completion. I have only met a few agency people that are able to work on the creative side and the production side of things. This makes me special and a valuable asset to have to on a project.

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