EMAGINE Properties Brand Identity Design

EMAGINE properties is a small real estate investment company founded and owned by a husband and wife. Their products are homes they remodel and sell or rent.

Their strength stands in design eye, relevant designs and products installed in homes, modern and transitional home designs on their flip properties.

Clean, neat, safe, updated and modern feel can be seen on their rental home portfolio.

The clients desire was to have a modern/timeless/minimalist logo that speaks what the company is about, has a professional vibe and a personal touch. Based on their life story, goals and ambitions that include expansion to more branches in real estate business, I created a wordmark with a standalone icon which will be used in a visual system that will represent their brand.

The main inspiration came from the word "Emagine" that resembles to the word "Imagine". I felt really strong connection with these two words so the idea was to reflect the "E" letter on the end of the wordmark to represent the imagination, a border between reality and dreams.

Both of the "E" letters facing each other form a mark that represent the client and his wife, their hard work and effort they put in the business together. Later on I found out that the clients children both have names starting with an "E" so the design got even more personal touch.

From the reflected "E" letters I've created a mark that would work in a system as a standalone icon while in the same time as a pattern that follows up brand voice and feel in digital and print design assets. The mark is modified and represent a blueprint plan with rooms, doors and passages through the houses/apartments.

The brand feel and voice is followed up with navy blue color that represents trust, loyalty, partnership and stability,
while clean white represents elegance, purity and sophistication of Emagine's property design. Combination of two fonts, Avant Garde & Bookman properly reflect the gentle and warm side of Emagine in a serious and professional way.

Currently the brand is being updated with new material and there will be a new website soon.

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