After the badge quest, the texture quest!

After the badge quest, the texture quest!

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Once you complete the badge quest, there's the texture boss, and your poster is then complete!

If you want to learn how I created this fake vacuum tube ad, you can read the detailed tutorial I wrote for Design Cuts.

The tutorial is a way to showcase a sweet font deal they have going on, and that includes the following:

- Altus
- Castor
- Oil change
- Sparhawk
- Appareo
- Ride my bike
- Trend
- Anodyne
- Veneer

I used Sparhawk, Altus, and Castor for my poster. These fonts come with sweet extras, alternate characters, and open type features. You should consider getting them.

Also, in the texturing part of the tutorial, I make use of some of my paper folds textures, and of my photocopy noise textures. I'm also using a grid from the Arsenal's US grid kit.

Check out the full poster in the attachment, as well as a few close up shots.

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