Erosbalazs Coospace

Erosbalazs coospace

What is it good for?

Based on the followings you can get a notion of the basic services of Coospace and the way it can support higher education.

The changes of higher education – growing number of students, the need for and importance of distance education, the expanding amount of knowledge to be transmitted to attendees, etc – call for new solutions. Coospace connects the participants of education on the Internet and by offering common scenes for them makes class work more effective and easier.

Coospace is also useful in supporting your research programs. The evidence for its applicability in international academic research is the fact that the project of Coordination Action of the European Network of Territorial Intelligence (CAENTI) – which is supported by EU Framework 6 – has chosen Coospace as a means of communication and task sharing.

Besides the obvious advantages concerning educational activities, Coospace gives the individual the opportunity of self-expression within the frames of higher education. In addition, as a kind of network it guarantees space for the formation of groups, collectives, and work teams.

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