Future 52 - Lucky Cat Milky Way Milk Truck

Future 52 - Lucky Cat Milky Way Milk Truck

Did you know that Lucky Cat Milky Way Milk has been delivering milk galaxy–wide from the inner rim to the tips of the spiral arms itself since 2253. We pride ourselves in being a family-owned company, producing the finest quality milk with NO SPACE GMOs. Amazing!

Anyways, this is my submission for Future 52: http://future52.com. I'm so happy on how this turned out, it really came down to the wire. If you can't tell I was heavily influenced by Cowboy Bebop and all of Ghibli studio's movies. It also helps if you girlfriend is from Japan and can translate all the text for you. So major thanks to Megumi on this.

Finally, if you haven't been keeping up with Future 52... Then you need to head over and check it out. So far there has been some amazing illustrations posted by some of the radest dudes and dudettes: @Dan Matutina @Justin Mezzell @Adam Grason @Lydia Nichols and @Gloria Pizzilli

Enjoy, I know you wont be disappointed! :)

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