This year I decided to give myself the gift of a ✨personal project✨ for the holidays. I design so many things for so many people I rarely sit down and just spend time on working for something for myself (hence my website being in the works for over a year 🥲). I wanted to work on something random and fun without any briefs or deadlines or last minute iterations or anything work-related. Just doodles and snacks & Christmas songs on repeat, that’s all.

So this year (to save me from tears) I created a fun little sticker pack for us all to enjoy during the holidays. Doesn’t matter if you were naughty or nice - you can access these by typing Bardenova-Christmas in the sticker search bar on Stories on IG. Hope these make your holidays more cheerful - let me know which character is your fave!

Happy holidays, have fun! 💗🎄

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