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What’s up, guys! We have a new shot for the Fitness app. You can set sports goals for yourself and track your activity in the app.

❤️ You can add an Apple Health app, so information about health and training will drop in the app, so you can watch the statistics of your training.

🏃‍♀️ The screen on the left is the running statistics screen (you can see statistics on other activities). You can see here your records and filter statistics by period. Also you will see your training history. The progress bar shows how close you were to achieving the goal during the training session on December 1.

🏅 The middle screen — creating of a sport goals. You set here a goal to run 3 km, for example, and then attempts to achieve this goal will be tracked in the statistics.

⚽️ The screen on the right is to scan the trainer's QR code. It works like this: You come to the gym, meet the coach there, scan the trainer's code in the app, find and add them to the list of your coaches. A coach can create workouts and assign them to you. And there is a chat where you can communicate with them in the app.

🥏 Most often, fitness apps use bright orange/pink in combination with white and black. We decided to move away from this stereotypic combination of colors and take a combination of acid green + purple. A very sporty color palette in our opinion :)

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Created by Julia Tikhiy-Tishchenko

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