Revamped Vintage Drum Badge

Revamped Vintage Drum Badge

All of the old drummers of the golden era had sort of the same thing going on… their initials in a classic badge shape that would then be applied to their drum heads. Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, etc...

So when I started working on a new logo for Valerie Franco, drummer extraordinaire, I wanted to revisit this classic drummer badge concept- but give it a sprucing up. After all, while Valerie is a well schooled drummer who appreciates the classics- she's also young, fresh, and feminine.

As I was playing around with the shapes of the V and the F, seeing how they could work together, I discovered something akin to a diamond… so I chased that.

What I ended up with is this super conceptual redux of the vintage drummer badge. It's late Sunday night, I need fresh eyes on this tomorrow. So I figured I would let all of your eyes see it and share feedback while my eyes rest. Thanks!

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