Rewiring - Interface Concept pt. 1

Hoy' people! 💛

I'm here with an early concept of a brain science knowledge base.

I'm currently uncapable to write any detail, because i'm in a highly intuitive flow, and my current brain structure can't process it that fast.
Rewiring is going on...

Further screens and infos gonna come soon... :)

Edit: Sooo technologically the UI based on Crystal Technology which i’ve never actually seen in public, but i’m sure that it already exist or soon it going to be.

The purpose of this so called “website” or virtual hub will be to spread knowledge about how our brain works, and how it can be rewired, trough descriptions and visual presentations. It also serves as a guide for people, so they can be more aware and use their brain on a higher level.

Love & Light 🙏🏼

Koppány Éri
A visual mind in love with Interface & 3D design 💫

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