LoLNexus - Realtime Game Search

LoLNexus - Realtime Game Search

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LoLNexus, is part of the network that has multiple websites used for games like: World of Warcraft, Minecraft and many more. They also bring out the latest news in regards to these games.

Those who are not familiar with LoLNexus is a website that supports the game League of Legends. This is to accomodate you with information to judge your opponents on the fields of justice.

LoLNexus, is day-by-day used website by many unique users for checking the statistics from other players during a live match.
This can vary from ranked games, kill/death/assist ratio, to runepages and masteries.

This is a concept, which could be turned into a real application for iOS. If any iOS developer would like to get this out in the app store, please contact me.


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