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Lowdi - Figma Wireframe Kit Freebie

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Hello there! 👋
Long time no see, i was visitng Azeroth from time to time but now i got something big for you.

I prepared for you a FREE figma wireframe kit called Lowdi. Jump straight into figma and create outstanding wireframes in a flash thanks to prototype-ready components and styles.

💙 Content inside Lowdi:
➡ Tons of components in many sizes with countless number of variants and customizable options (supports new figma auto-layout and variants).
➡ 4 fully responsive and customizable device mockups (laptop, tablet, phone, smartwatch)
➡ Predefined typography system and color palette with fully customizable primary color.
➡ Essential flow assets such as arrows or sticky notes for making user flows or visualizing user stories.
➡ Extensive and clear documentation that allows beginners to enter the world of wireframes in figma.
➡ Many examples of already created wireframes with Lowdi components to learn about Lowdi's possibilities even more easily.

🏀 Hope you like it and check by yourself on figma community!


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