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First, I want to send my sincere thanks to @Vitaly Rubtsov for extending me an invitation to this great community! I am honored and humbled to be a contributor!

As for my debut shot, I thought it fitting to go with a piece from a project that really ignited my passion for web development and design: TheGameEffect. TGE was the first website I ever built and was the launching pad for my future in the industry. I learned so many lessons and met so many great people through this experience that paying homage felt appropriate. The site could definitely use some TLC now as it's over 5 years old now and I was learning as I went, haha, but parts of it still feel "right" I suppose.

This shot in particular is for the footer of the site. I wanted to give it some visual flare and highlight some of our more exciting "Virtual Items." (Icons by the very talented Dmitry Shesko). Feedback is of course welcome :)

Sorry for the long-winded comment, and thanks again for the invite @Vitaly Rubtsov!

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