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This is our concept of a music app with unlimited access to billions of songs. We designed it for millennials that want their apps to have fewer functions but work faster and do one job correctly, which is to play music.

Here's a subscription page that shows a list of popular artists trending on the platform. It helps a user feel connected to the app community based on the matching music taste and think that they can discover something new and exciting here. The main app page shows a tailored playlist collection and picked new releases. The player page has all standard player features like play and pause button, add to favorites, etc.

The dark mode that we used is the easiest way to focus on the content while creating a minimalist look. It also enhances navigation in the app because it makes it simpler.

This app offers specific playlists based on a user's library. This is a great opportunity to discover new names in your favorite genres.

What music app are you on now?

Ronas IT | UI/UX Team
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