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Dear friends,
What’s your favorite houseplant? 🌿

Mine is a cactus since I forgot to water it, and it was still alive. That was until recently when a friend of mine noticed a very cool houseplant care app. I was very fired up with this idea because my mother anxiously looked after all the flowerpots, and we had so many of them that the apartment seemed to my childish perception of a real jungle. After growing up, I realized how difficult it is to remember when which plant needs to be revived or watered. How our mothers and grandmothers always remembered everything? I still don’t know. It was with such warm memories in my heart that I decided on a completely different design! Like no other plant care program

Plants produce oxygen, which is so essential for us; they bloom and fill the space with fragrances and a riot of colors; they can teleport us back in time or hundreds of thousands of kilometers at one glance at them. But they are so fragile and need our care! What if there is such a frantic rhythm in the line without reminding you to eat or brush your teeth? It is for people like me that the Plant Care app was created.

The goal was to create a clear and easy-to-use diary of plant care to systematize and automate this process. Now, thanks to the reminders, I know exactly when to feed and add my beloved Monstera so that it does not turn yellow but reminds me of a tropical forest on cold evenings in Prague during the winter season. With every plant we live - they are all listed on the dashboard, and I can plan a trip to the store for fertilizer. I love it sincerely myself.

My idea was to show each plant in a cool background through a beautiful illustration that conveys the reality and recognizability of plants, a clean, simple, and pleasant design, my mother approved :slightly_smiling_face: and most importantly, I want to use it. Easy gamification and plant scanner is another excellent feature of APP. Creating your container garden at home is as easy as shelling pears - the main thing is not to forget to look at the notifications and do everything on time, and you will succeed!

✨Coming soon for on IOS!

Design — Figma
Illustrations — Pro Create
Animation — AE

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