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Self-improvement is something that people constantly work on, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it often becomes a routine, there is a constant lack of motivation, and everything often looks tiresome and lengthy. The same happens with attending classes you are not interested in at all.
This being the case, we developed a concept for a language learning app with a color palette that creates a relaxing yet concentrated atmosphere so that you can always be ready for a fruitful lesson.

Grasp is a brand-new online language learning course. With Grasp, you will have no problem knowing what your schedule is and how to accomplish the assigned tasks.
The first screen contains the main tasks and lectures for a day, that are highlighted with a bright color so that a user could concentrate on them.
On the second screen, you can see a convenient transition to lectures, view progress, as well as quick access to files for your lessons.

Study anytime and anywhere while improving your skills with Grasp courses.

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