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I had the honor of being one of the featured artists for Makers Workshop's grand opening. Makers Workshop asked me to create something that represented products and art that are made in America. After some brainstorming I decided that the dock cleat would best represent that. Dock cleats are the metal anvil shaped objects on the edge of docks that docking ships tie their ropes down to. To me the rope tied dock cleat represents the halt of overseas imported and exported products and materials by tying down the ships that transport them. This shirt has been 100% made in USA from the t-shirt's materials, assembly, and the printing process. I also wanted these shirts to have a personal connection to the people who wear them. So instead of just having them screen printed at a local print shop I decided to have my hands completely apart of the printing process by carving a linocut of each graphic and block printing each individual t-shirt.

Make sure to checkout the attached GIF of the process and details.

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