Lowpoly Bouques of Flowers | Ep 03 | Blender 2.90 | Beginner Tu

Ehi Guys! It is the right time. In this third episode, we will take a step back and reviewing a couple of basic commands, start a small flower, and then turn it into a beautiful little Bouquet of Daisies to keep company with the grass and pebbles we created in previous sessions. If you missed them, find the Links in the info of the 3rd episode or ... All on my YT "Polyzen" channel! Have you signed up? What are you waiting for? 🙂 I recommend as always, criticisms and comments are welcome and why not, a little "like" will help me grow. Furthermore, as always, if you have any requests or insights, write it to me here, or in private, maybe a small commented "Tip & Trick" will come out 🙂


Last but not least, the usual special thanks to Andrea Cau, Curator of the Covers and Master in Zen art. Have a look, it's free 🙂 | https: //dribbble.com/andreacau |
A hug and please, stay healthy! 🥳


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