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Yo, friends! Check out how the Purrweb team designed a banking app 😎

💵 On the central screen you can see the animation of switching between the screens — the main screen, analytics and transferring. The screen on the left shows the user’s card balance, the field where the user inputs the transfer amount and the person who will receive money. The app also has a customized keyboard.

📊 The screen on the right shows how much money the user spent in the month. There’s a graph that illustrates the monthly expenses. Lower you can see detailed information about the expenses, and they are divided into categories.

💟 The design is concise and minimalistic. We chose purple as the accent color, because it’s suitable for the target audience.

💸 The app allows users to transfer money to friends quickly and easily. Plus, users can monitor their expenses.

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Created by Sergey Martyn

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