FREMOX aescripts CYBER WEEK 2020 promo

Hey there !
Hope you are all doing well despite these weird times.

If you are a motion designer or anilatord, chances are that you already know that aescripts has begun its CYBER WEEK'S SALE, where every product is 25% off its normal price... Well, it's almost over, only a few hours remain !

So... I've got a few products available on aescripts, and if you are interested in knowing what are these tools, here is a very quick gif I created for the occasion :)

If you want :
- SpringyFX : that creates cool secondary motion base on really basic motion ;
- MoglyphFX (now in Version 3 and it's packed with some really cool new stuff !)
- IsomaticFX : which makes isometric creation in after effects so much easier ;
- E3D MografterFX : the tool that transform ELEMENT 3D in a Cinema4D Mograph like module ! is now or never :)

Go grab them before the sale ends tonight (so hurry up !) on :

Cheers !

Posted on Dec 4, 2020

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