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A little project I've done lately for a friend of mine.
I've analyzed their current offer and think about what could be done to improve their website. The actual one looks a bit "cheap" and doesn't convey much confidence concerning the quality of the offer.

1. Information architecture
>> Focus on 4 main categories : The offer / the Agency / References / Contact.
>> Improve the clarity of the offer which is separated into 3 main services : sound design, sound identity and multimedia projects. Gives to the user more explaination for each one.
>> Clearly display the additional value of the products. Explain why people would ever collaborate with this agency.
>> Improve the reference section with clients logo and case studies (when available). The website need to reassure future customers and win people trust. A clean design with strong identity could convey a quality look and feel that could help to gain people trust and confidence.
>> Simplify the contact form with just 3 fields in order to increase conversion (The simpler, the better). Also simplify contact informations with just one phone number and one email.

2. Art Direction
The agency is specializing in sound design and creates unic sound identities for brands. I wanted to create a strong identity for the brand agency and build an environement for each section of the page. I've tried to be focus on the sound : sound waves, sound environement with the help of textures, background images or just geometric objects. I've also added a first section with a very simple baseline + visual identity (sound waves) which has to be immersive and impactful.

3. Interface Design
One-page website with big sections for each category. The layout is based on a 1170px / 12 cols bootstrap grid. In order to increase the legibility, the content follows a vertical rythm based on a 24px horizontal grid. I've also think about a very simple mobile version that follows the same vertical ryhtm.

You could check the attachments :
- Desktop version
- Desktop version with grid
- Mobile retina version

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