Kyle Meyer

T-Shirt Art

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T-Shirt Art shiny tshirt reflective ink

T-shirt design for an art show called LINE, left half is the normal shirt design, and the right half is what happens when you take a photo with a flash (or jump out in front of traffic at night) due to reflective ink.

In other words, there's a normal (matte) diamond design, and then when a flash or powerful light source hits the shirt, the ink glows and shines (like a diamond!).

Considering a limited edition print run if there's interest... (actual photos above).

EDIT: Will be doing a print run soon, if you'd like to buy one please leave a note on the size you'd like. This doesn't secure an order for you—but I can get some sort of gauge on how many to print of each size so hopefully there's one there for you. :)

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